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Create a bright and vibrant outdoor image featuring a vegetable garden with a variety of healthy, untouched leafy greens. The garden is protected by a variety of slug deterrent methods such as crushed egg shells and copper tape encircling the garden. The sun is shining in a clear, blue sky and the soil around the plants looks fresh and well-cared for. No brand names or logos should be visible. No humans or text should be included in the scene.

Stopping Slugs from Eating Lettuce and Leafy Greens

A garden scene focused on young verdant trees. Around the trees, there are various plants and flowers providing an array of colors in the background. In the midground, several rabbits are shown wandering round but being kept away from the trees by natural deterrents such as strong-smelling marigolds and aster flowers as well as garden fences. The sky is a delicate gradient of pastel pinks and purples, signifying twilight, and a sprinkling of stars adorn the sky. Please note that no humans, text, or brand-related content should appear in the illustration.

Deterring Rabbits from Nibbling on Young Trees

A lush and verdant kiwi plantation, in the midst of a scenic landscape. It's a sunny day, with soft, warm light illuminating the kiwi fruit plants, with their brown vines and dense, broad, heart-shaped leaves, and pockets of small, unripe kiwi fruits. Interspersed among the plantation, are netted structures that act as protective barriers against pests. A couple of vine caterpillars can be seen trying to reach for the plants, but are hindered by these structures. It's a simple, yet effective method at ensuring the health and survival of these exotic, delicious fruits.

Guarding Kiwi Plants Against Vine Caterpillars